Choose from wholesale or factory supply to suit your needs

We’re specialist wholesalers, which means the full Kaydian range of products is available to order, direct from our stock.

We also offer a direct container supply, which gives you access to our full range of designs and fabrics – and our exclusive customised design service.

The sales team will be happy to arrange an appointment to welcome you to our product showroom at our centre in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Accent Ottoman

Accent Ottoman - New

Appleby Ottoman

Falstone Ottoman

Kirkby Ottoman

Lanchester Ottoman

Lumley Ottoman

Medburn Ottoman

Walkworth Ottoman

Walkworth Ottoman - Blue

Walkworth Ottoman - Green

Walkworth Ottoman - Clay

Vindolanda Storage

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We supply all our products direct to trade.

If you’re a consumer and want to find your nearest retail stockist, please call us on 0191 271 2118.

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